Janet pituch

Hello my name is Janet Pituch and this is my Website! I have enjoyed HTML and JavaScript very much and hope you enjoy seeing everything this site has to offer you. 

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I most recently completed an internship with FEED Media Art Center where I learned more about using social media to expand and manage their social media presence. I also had opportunities to actively participate in the planning and execution of various art exhibitions and events, interview artists and set ip exhibition spaces. Above all else, I contributed creative input and brainstormed ideas to enhance the overall experience of art shows and events.

I am a 2023 graduate of Penn State Behrend with a B.A. Digital Media, Arts, and Technology (DMAT). The DMAT program combined aspects of art, design, technology, and communication. It equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the rapidly evolving field of digital media. In my studies, I focused on the creative and technical aspects of digital media and explored various forms of digital expression such as graphic design, animation, web design, video production, interactive media, and more.

Janet's work

how apples ads have changed

Macintosh Ads

  Method Actors Presentation

Music Video

Snowy Day Video Project


Help! By The Beatles

VR Meadow

Basic Animation


  Outside Animation

Game Design

Get in touch at [jep81200@gmail.com]